Regenerative Medicine for Healing Arthritis Pain

woman with arthritis pain in her knee

The knee is the most significant and complex joint in the human body. Like many other things, the longer we use something, the quicker it wears down. Our knees, and other joints, are especially sensitive to wear and tear. As the knee starts to wear out, it gets more challenging to run, walk, or even bend your knees.

As the pain gets worse, most doctors will bring up knee replacement surgery. Of course, many people are scared when it comes to surgery, especially one that is so invasive. Surgeries carry some risks, including adverse reactions to anesthesia, infections, blood clots, or your body reacting negatively to the implant. And many people are anxious about finding an effective alternative. The recovery time for a total knee replacement is long and frustrating. And the likelihood that you experience risks increases as you get older.

How Regenerative Medicine Can Help Knee Pain

With today’s modern advancements, the use of regenerative medicine for knees makes sure that surgery is not the only option for patients. With regenerative medicine, the goal of regenerative medicine for knees is to provide a minimally invasive procedure. Benefits of this therapy include having the potential to decrease inflammation, slowing down the progression of arthritis in the affected joint, healing joint cartilage, and either delaying or avoid knee replacement surgery altogether.

With regenerative medicine, you’re able to enhance your body’s natural ability to heal your knee injuries. The doctors Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine use regenerative medicine to treat a wide range of knee conditions and issues, including sports injuries.

Most regenerative medicine injections use stem cells, which can help promote healing and the growth of healthier cartilage cells within the joint affected by arthritis. Stem cells can change themselves into any cell in any area of the body. When it comes to osteoarthritis in your knees, your doctor will inject regenerative material into the weakened cartilage around your knee joint. This material can become new cartilage cells. Over time, they can help restore damaged tissue, which will reduce your pain and increase your range of motion.

When it comes to arthritis, patients should also undergo physical therapy and make dietary or lifestyle. These small changes will help further alleviate symptoms and slow down the progression of your disease. If your arthritis pain prevents you from thoroughly enjoying your life, and you want to avoid depending on prescription drugs, regenerative medicine treatments may be an ideal solution. Give us a call today!


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