Regenerative Medicine Therapy for Foot and Ankle Pain

Dancer with flexible ankles and no foot or ankle pain

Foot and ankle injuries are common, especially with professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, dancers, and those who are always active. And depending on the extent of the injury, many of these injuries can be treated with a non-surgical option like regenerative therapy.

The pain management clinic Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine has the experience necessary to relieve foot and ankle pain, without surgery and with the help of regenerative therapy.

Regenerative therapies can provide alternatives to steroids and surgery. Current surgical treatment options include ankle arthroscopy, fusion of ankle bones, and tendon grafts. These are all painful and have not been shown to be very effective in the long run. These surgeries also involve a painful post-surgical recovery, which often includes a lengthy rehab period in order to restore ankle strength and mobility.

In comparison, in-clinic regenerative therapies can relieve foot and ankle pain the same day of the treatment. It also helps alleviate the pain by treating the root cause of the pain. These minimally invasive therapies use the patient’s own regenerative cells to naturally heal the body.

Regenerative therapy is one of the most groundbreaking treatments for chronic joint pain. The therapy, an injection into a targeted area, has the potential to alter the foot or ankle condition – again, rather than just masking pain. Patients can return to their normal activity quicker as well.

At Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine in Roseville specializes in regenerative therapy for common joint pain. By using this comprehensive approach, we are able to work with patients to help them restore function and regain an active lifestyle. The best part is, there is little to no need for pain relieving medication. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, give us a call at (916) 713-5050 today!


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