How Effective is our Roseville Regenerative Medicine Therapy for Hip Pain?

Woman with hip pain treatable by regenerative medicine

Do you have any pain anywhere on your side? If you do, it very well could be hip pain even if it’s not felt directly in the hip joint. Hip pain can radiate out all the way down the thigh or into the groin. The human hip is a very stable joint that sits on a hollow socket in the pelvis.

There are many reasons you may experience hip pain with some of the causes ranging from mild to chronic. Once you understand the underlying causes of hip pain, you’d better know when to see the doctor and when to deal with the situation at home. The good thing is that regenerative medicine in the Roseville area can be effective in treating hip pain.

Common Causes and Symptoms of Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by several things. Given that there are many underlying conditions and injuries that can cause this, it’s imperative to set an appointment with your doctor.

You should see the doctor if you have had any injuries or if the pain is getting worse. You may have tried every home remedy imaginable for hip pain and realized that the pain keeps on increasing. The doctor will be able to determine the underlying cause and recommend the appropriate treatment. If you are having difficulty carrying out your daily activities such as going up stairs, leaning forward, or walking, you should see the doctor. If you feel unwell or you are losing weight, you should immediately visit a doctor.

Some Common Causes of Hip Pain in Adults and Seniors

In most cases, there’s a simple underlying condition causing your hip pain. If you have overworked or exercised too much, then there’s a chance you may experience hip pain. In such a situation, inflamed soft tissue and strained bones are likely the cause of your pain.


If you have had long-term hip pain, or pain that doesn’t go away even with home remedies, arthritis could be the main reason behind all this. Arthritis causes pain, tender joints, and stiffness, which make it hard for you to walk. Some arthritis related problems include osteoarthritis (especially in seniors), trauma such as fractures, and infectious arthritis which is caused by an infection:

Trochanteric Bursitis

This is another very common cause of hip pain. This condition will only hit when the liquid-filled sac near the hip joint is infected and becomes inflamed.

Hip Fractures

Hip Fractures can cause major hip pain, especially in older adults and those with osteoporosis. However, you’ll know it’s a fracture if your pain is sudden and severe. If you have a hip fracture, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Other causes

In addition to the above causes of hip pain, there are numerous other, less common possibilities such as snapping hip syndrome, osteonecrosis, and others.

Symptoms Accompanying Hip Pain

Depending on the root cause of your hip pain, you may experience any of the following symptoms.

  • Redness – You may notice some redness or inflammation at the site of your pain. If this is the case, you should swiftly seek medical care
  • Tenderness – Tenderness in the area of pain is also an indication of a serious issue
  • Warmth – Some people may experience warmth at the site of pain or have pain that’s accompanied by a fever. This is an indication that the hip pain is caused by a serious infection and needs immediate medical care.
  • Limping – If you have difficulty putting weight on your hip and find yourself limping wherever you go, there’s a good chance that you’ve got a major issue with your hip.
  • Loss of motion – The hip may be affected in such a way that it cannot move normally.

Effectiveness of Regenerative Medicine for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common hip problems that people have in America. This condition usually occurs in old age and causes a tear in the hip joint. Many people who deal with osteoarthritis end up getting a hip replacement. But this is because they fear that surgery, or a hip replacement is their only option in hip pain treatments.

But there is another choice. Regenerative medicine, including platelet-rich plasma injections, can be effective. The other most common form of regenerative medicine is stem cell therapy, which has shown some promising results. All these regenerative treatments have shown the potential for great results as alternatives to surgery and hip replacement.

As opposed to the traditional injections that lubricates the joints, these are innovative procedures that can drastically change the environment at the site of your injury and pain. Rather than attempting to correct the problem using surgery or implants, these treatments empower the body to heal the injury on its own.

Regenerative medicine has helped millions in dealing with osteoarthritis. Although there is no definitive evidence that regenerative medicine can completely heal someone, recent studies have been very promising.

There are indications that if you have been having hip pain, stem cell therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy can help significantly. The platelet rich plasma therapy uses your own blood to facilitate the healing process.

In this case, doctors will inject platelet rich plasma into the damaged tissue and the immune system will be compelled to fight and heal the injured area. Although this procedure sounds complicated, it’s actually very easy which means you can go home right after the injection. This is one of the most common and effective Roseville hip pain treatments.

Can stem cell therapy be effective in treating hip pain?

The results of using stem cells to treat osteoarthritis are very promising. One recent study involved scientists using stem cells to ease osteoarthritis. It showed promising results that are giving way to larger studies. The Centers for Disease Control shows that osteoarthritis affects about thirty million people in the US alone.

Doctors have been recommending some interventions and medications to ease this condition. However, there’s no known treatment yet. Though, the use of Stem cells has been praised over recent years and is paving the way for future results.


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