How Does Regenerative Medicine Compare to Steroids and Surgery?

Regenerative Medicine Vs Steroids | Roseville Regenerative Medicine

When it comes to addressing chronic pain, traditional medicine is, unfortunately, is often limited to the use of steroids, opioids, or surgery. The introduction of regenerative medicine has opened doors to more sophisticated solutions in treating deteriorating conditions and injuries.

Instead of using steroids or opioids, which simply block the pain for a short amount of time or a surgery that is extremely invasive and modifies the natural structure of your body. Regenerative medicine utilizes your body’s natural ability to heal. At Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine, we’ve learned to harness regenerative medicine to help repair damaged tissue in joints with minimally invasive techniques.

At Granite Bay Regenerative Medicine, we understand that there is a time and place for steroids, opioids, and surgery. It really depends on the severity of your condition whether or not these options may be the right choice for the best results. When you come in for your initial consultation, we will be able to determine what options are best and provide you with plenty of information to help you make the right decision when it comes to your care.

Because regenerative therapy focuses on treating the root cause of the condition causing chronic pain, it is a lot more effective. Furthermore, regenerative medicine is incredibly effective on multiple facades. Because this form of therapy heals affected joints, patients who are treated with regenerative medicine don’t have to commit far as much time to the treatment.

Rather than having to check in with your doctor over and over again for diagnostic tests and to get prescriptions refilled, many patients find relief for their pain after just a single. The number of treatments needed for there to be a difference in pain will, of course, depend on the individual situation, the patient’s overall health, the area being treated, and the severity of the condition.

While patients are asked to “take it easy” for a couple of days after the treatment, there is virtually no downtime associated with the procedure.

Regenerative medicine works in an astonishingly quick pace when it comes to treating chronic pain, with many patients experiencing continued healing over the course of a couple of months.

Obviously, there isn’t a procedure on the market that has a perfect success rate, but regenerative medicine has a lot of amazing results. Even then, the few numbers of patients who have regenerative medicine treatments and still need traditional surgery notice that their recovery time and the quality of their recovery is improved after regenerative medicine.


If you currently take opioid pain relievers for your chronic pain and are interested in exploring the alternative offered by regenerative medicine, contact our Roseville regenerative medicine clinic at (916) 713-5050 to schedule your consultation. We’re excited to show you how this treatment is just one step closer to healing your chronic pain.


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